Engagement Celebration OOTD

Hey guys,
How are you all doing? I have some exciting news, I am engaged! I am not going to go into details since I am thinking about doing another entry for this. Well, me and my girls wanted to get together to celebrate this exciting news and of course to see the my "big rock". lol, not really :D Well, the silly had to go get it re-sized the ring, since it was just too big for my tiny finger. You guys can guess, they didn't get to see the actual thing but just pictures. I told them i am going to have to by the school when I get my ring back :D I feel naked without my ring :( Anyway, we went to Thai restaurant and have some Thai Food. Yum Yum. I am not going to tell you what I got because I do not want you guys to start drooling at this hour lol. So here is what I wear that day :)

Hello Everyone, my name is Molika and I am a Kate Spade Addict :)

The bag that I carried is the Kate Spade- 2 Park Avenue Cheri.

Kate Spade Franny Coat :) one of my fav piece at the moment :)

Here are all my beautiful ladies lining up :)

Thanks for reading guys! 
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