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All right guys, I promise this is the last post about my crazy weekend at the Kate Spade store. If you guys don't already know, what Kate Spade is, you should google it, her stuff is amazing! You'll be in love! For Kate Spade addict / Lover, you would appreciate this entry 😁🙊. So Two weeks ago Kate Spade has a Promotion for Columbus Day, 20% off sale items, I got my self a cross body back and an iPad case (also show in this picture ). So last weekend, they have another promotion 30% off everything. You guys can guess I'll be one of the first to hit up the cyber shopping. Although, I didn't get anything online, since I know I'll stop by the store later on that weekend. I went up to DC to visit my  best friend, and the Kate Spade outlet happens to be along the way of course 😊💕❤️ it's more like a detour to go to the outlet but I don't mind. I picked up so many things from the outlet 💕😊❤️ see belove for pictures 😁 I was having such a great day so far, than I got off the wrong exit to the toll road. I wasn't too happy about that since I do not have any cash with me 😭😭😭 I had to pay toll twice and the last toll, I did not have enough case. Fortunately, the worker help me out and give me some change. That's very nice of him. I hope not everyone single person that go through that line such an idiot like me 😂 Anyway, my weekend was great! I get to spend quality times with my bestie, and that's all it matter ❤️❤️❤️ 
This is what haven looks like 😁

Rose Gold Bow

Light Pink bow

Pearl necklace and earring set

iPad Case

Leather cleaner and conditioner 😊

 Ginnie Gold Coast 

Make up bag 💕😊

Neda Wellesley in Balletslip

 The inside 

Cara Wellesley in Snapdragon

Thank you for reading ❤️💕💕💕
Talk to you guys later 😊😁😘

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