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How is everyone doing? Did anything fun? Buy anything lately? 

Well, I know I did >.< Me and my friend Whitney (who has the same addiction to Kate Spade as me) when to the Kate Spade Outlet in Leesburg, Virginia. As you can guess, the first store that we run to is KATE SPADE ♠️. Sorry for all the all caps. I'm just too excited >.<  So yeah we spend probably about 1.5hrs walking around the store :D The store wasn't even that big, to be honest it was a tiny store and yet we spend that long in the store. We wanted to search the whole place, every nook and cranny :) you never know if you miss anything lol. Well anyway so  I walked out with all of these ;) Well the Shoes is from Nordstroms Rack. I call this shopping trip a success because I score a few items that I have been in search of for the longest time :)
Below are the pics and descriptions :)

Look at all of these goodies :)

Sparkling Glister shoes :) which I forgot the name😳

New Berrylane Neda Wallet in Snapdragon, Two idioms bangles

There denim, with the cutes spade in the back :) this is one of my fav denim so far 

Wheaton top :) I've been in search of this for the longest time!πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒ

Super cute button up :) 

 I'm curious to see what you guys bought the pass week or so! Comment below, I love to here about it :)

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