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Two weeks ago, I was given a chance to participate in a conference in Washington DC, along with my friends from Bridgewater College. ECAASU stands for East Coast Asian American Student Union. I believe this was their 50th anniversary "don't quote me on that". ECAASU was consist of many workshops and activities for students from the east coast as well as west coast to get involve with the community and the society. I personally think that this event might help those who in need of internship or trying to network with others specially if you are interested in working with the house or the white house initiative. Although, to be honest, I was a bit overwhelm because many of those students were so involve and were asking very constructive question. I am so glad that I got to go to the conference, and maybe network my way through this if I am looking for jobs with the government sectors. I believe that they have this conference every year. If you guys interested, I suggest that you partake this opportunity and meet some new people. Here are some photos and the layout of the conference.

Opening, we have to go to George Washington University to register and pick up our name tags.

Me and the girl at the opening ceremony

Us again :) taking photos instead of paying attention to the speaker.

Going to Workshops

Such a beautiful campus!!!! GWU

Closing Ceremony "GALA"

My OOTN for the GALA :D

With my beautiful Janice 

After the GALA, Danced our night away

Than we went to George Town for the last day of the workshop. Such a beauty! I meant the building :P

Bye ya'all. Have a good weekend!

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