Spring Break 2014

This past spring break I was not able to go to South Carolina with my friends for the spring break since I did not get off from work. Although, I get to spent time with these two beautiful people. I went to DC to visit my aunt and uncle and spent sometime with them. While I was there, I went shopping, got my eyebrows done and walked around Alexandria Old Town. Than, We need went to grab some food. I probably gonna post another entry on what I bought :)

Love our ninja turtles T-shirt? Find it at Forever21 ;)

Cute cat purse from H&M

Possible senior ball's dress @ 3sisters

Dinner time for some Thai food!! Tomyum soup and papaya salad :D

cutie and her meal :)

Janice being cute 

Pho date with my bestie Blair :D

My delicious Pho, beef with meat balls 

Yeah to us three!!!! We sexy and we know it :P

My day one outfit- top and bottom from Pacsun, hat- forever21

Have a good weekend guys!!! 

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