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Today, I realized that I have not blog about my experiences when I was in Japan. So I decided to blog more about that even though I am back in United States now. As for today's entry, I want to talk about their lash extension. Lash extension is very popular in Japan, probably because Japanese girls don't have that long or thick eye lashes (maybe most Asian). I have heard about lash extension in the States, but I feel like it's not such a big thing here. In Japan, on the other hand, most girls either wear fake lashes on a regular bases or have lash extension. When I first heard about this, I wanted to try that so bad, but I was held back due to my fear of having someone poke my eyes out in the process of getting it done. Than when I went to Japan, I realized that many girls got their eye lashes done, one of my good friend included, I told myself " Alright Molika, you gotta try this, now or never". And so I did. It was not bad at all, since I was sleeping the hold time when the lady fix my lashes. Although, the language barrier did threw me off since I do not speak any Japanese. Thanks to my awesome friend, she was willing to go with me and translates everything for me. 

First the lady as which style I want to get: Natural, full, glamorous, and so on. Honestly, I don't remember all the options. Than I pick the length and the thickness. I pick the most close to natural I can get.  So the lashes last for two weeks to one month depend on how you treat it. You have an option of going to get a free refill after two weeks which is a plus :D . The price wasn't outrages. It's about 4200 yen which is about 42 USD. To tell you the truth, I think that was the greatest decision to get the lashes extension. I spend less time fussing about the curling my lashes and put on mascara. I'm going to stop here since the entry is getting way too long. But if you have any question, just comment below and I will get to you as fast as I can. Here are some photos that I managed to take. Talk to you guys later, XoXo

Before :(

After :D

Me and Rinako Chan

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