Nice Studs

Hi Everyone,
 How is you guys weekend? I hope it was good since my was terrible. Well, do not feel bad for me because it is my own choice :P Anyway, I just recently purchased this awesome boots, and I loved it. It was Madden Girl, by Stevemadden. Its got to be one of my favorite boots so far. I was trying not to wear my other boots because its getting old, so getting this new pair of boots doesn't seem so bad. One of the reason why I love this boots so bad is because they are studed. I've been looking for an affordable studed boots for so long and when I come across these boots, it took me literally less than one second to decide. Must be pretty desperate as some of you might think. I bought these bad boy at Ross and it only about $27. Can't you guys believe it? I know right, thats just crazy. So when I bought these boots i'm like dream come true. Finally have studed to rock with my chunky outfit this winter. Now I can rock my inner punk, if i am one :D Here is one of my outfit that I wore with my fairly new boots :) Enjoy.

#1Jacket- Romeo & Juliet Couture, Scarf- American Eagles Outfitter


 #3 Sweater- Target, Jegging- Hollister


#5 Boots- Madden Girl by Stevemadden

#6 Blair's Outfit :), Scarf- Free People, Dress- Sym's

#7 Beeing a goof ball

 #9 Boots- Docs

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