Dinner with my Besties

Hi everyone,

How is everyone doing? I have been absent from the blog world for quite sometime now. I just been terribly busy with school, and work. I feel like i'm just so drown with my school work and all. Some times it gets me to thing that I no longer able to have social life any more :( This is killing me. I just can not wait to get done with school and have a full time job at somewhere doing something I love, which i highly doubt would happened. Just when my hope of having social life is gone, there is a light shine in my way and lead me to these beautiful people. One of my girl was celebrating her birthday. So everyone got together and have a nice dinner and go to a hangout lounge afterward. It was an awesome distraction for me:D Here are some photos that I manage to took. I was having too much fun that I forgot to take pictures. Can you believe that?
Enjoy your weekend:)

1. Thai Ice coffee and Thai tea
2. at the hookah bar
3. me and my bestie :)
 4. Yummy larb
 5. The birthday girl :)
 6. Making her wish
 7. Group picture.Love this people<3
 8. All them girls
 9. Sticky rice with coconut milk and mango :)
10. Bye everyone:D

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