New Hair Cut?

Hi Guys,

Guess what? I'm gonna go chop off my hair again :) I'm not sure what I should do with it though? Any advise? I think I try everything, from short, bob, bangs, straight cut, red, yellow, you name it. I was thinking maybe I should try the same hair cut that Miley Cyrus, If you guys do not know who she is, go Google it. She has a show with Disney Channel call Hannah Montana. I never actually watch that show so I can't tell you guys if its good or bad. I love her recent hair cut, its just fresh, and dare. I would try to get a picture of that hair cut but I do not want to infringe any copy right, so if you guys want to know just Google her name and you'll see it. Although I love that hair cut, I some how doubt that the cut would look good on me. I also want to try out Cher LLoyd hair cut too. Dang, all of this celebrity can rock any hair cut. I do not think I have the face or jaw lines for those bold cut. Anyway, above is some of my previous hair cut history. Let me know if you guys have any suggestion :)

 #1 My latest hair cut- straight bangs and straight cut

#2 Another shot inside Forever21's fitting room :D

#3 My natural hair color (maybe?)

#4 Red highlights

#5 When I went out the same night.

# 6 Reddish brown with hightlights

#7 Straight

 #8 Short angle cut with straight bangs

 #9 Brown shoulder length

#10 Mid length

#11 Red


 #12 Checkout my tiger eyes
#13 My current hair :D Brown Ambre.

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