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Hi guys,

How is everyone doing today? For those who celebrate Thanks giving, how was it? Did you guys eat a lot and become a turkey? I know I did. I had so much food prior to the Thanksgiving day because we had a tiny break from school before the final exam. Talking about exam, I'm looking forward to it at all. Anyway, It was relatively warm that day, and I was happy for that since I really dislike the cold weather. I was gonna wear a dress on that day, but than I decided to wear something more causal since we just gonna have the lunch/dinner at Justin parents' house. For the pass few years, we always went to this fancy restaurant call "Stonewall Jackson" for the feast. We always have to dress up very nice for that, which I have no problems with. Although, sometime in order to wear nice stuff you have to compromise with what you eat, which not always happened  to me all the time except when I went back to Cambodia. I always have to dress night and form fitting to go to any event especially weddings. Anyway, so I went for a more laid back outfit which is family appropriate and cozy. So here is what I was wearing that day.

Have a happy Wednesday :)

#1 Vest, Necklace, Boots- Target
 #2 Jeans and Sweater- American Eagles Outfitter
 #3Purse- Ninewest


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