Yummy Fries Rice

Hi Everyone,

How was everyone weekend? Sorry I was gone for awhile, due to my busy hectic schedule. What is your favorite food? The one that you can always eat and never feel sick of it? For my fries rice is always the yummiest food ever. I can eat it all day :D talking about it now I want some fries rice. So me and my  roommate decided to cook some fries rice the other day, and it was delis even though things doesn't go according to plan. We did not have a rice cooker and we were too lazy to make a second trip to the store to  buy a rice cooker, so we decided to make it in the regular pot, do it the old way! Well, the rice did not cook properly, it ended being too moist more like a porridge consistency instead of rice. Even though the rice fail, the over all result was awesome, we ate all of it. Its either because it was yummy or we just too dang hungry. Here are some photos like always :)

#1 eggs

#2 beats the eggs with salt and peppers

#3 cook it

#4 cooked eggs

#5 Chop the chicken and marinated with some soy sauce,salt, and peppers

#6 Cook the vegetable


#8 Marinated meat

#9 Cook the meat in medium low heat


#11 Cooked chicken

#12 Haha I skip steps, but all you gotta do is mix it all together in a frying pan with low heat, add soy sauce if  needed. Tada..... finish products :) Good luck cooking.

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