Peplum Casual

Hey everybody,

Peplum shape is such an in for this year whether it spring/summer/falls/winter. I still see many shirts, dresses, skirts, with that shape which is really flattering for those who ones there waist to appear smaller. I'm yet to get in the trend and get me one of those shirt. Finally, I found one at Rugged Wearhouse. Let me tell you this, I love that store to death. They have awesome clothes at the unbelievably low price. If you guys live in the state, you should check that out. Anyway, so I know that this shape can be a bit dressy sometime but i think you can work with it. You can dress it up or down. As for this outfit, I went for the casual look. Enjoy :)
#1 Peplum shirt- Rugged Wearhouse, Shorts-Forever21  

#2 On Blair, Shorts and Shirt- Rugged Wearhouse

#3 Flats- Ninewest


#5 Crossbody Bag- Romeo and Juliet Couture

#6 Me :)

#7 Flats- Steve Madden

#8 Blair is floating

#9 Me being a monkey
 #10 Closing up with me jumping off the wall!

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