Photo Shoot with GC

Hey guys,

How is everyone doing today? The week is almost done guys, hang in there. So, two days ago, I went to do a photo shoot with my awesome friend/ photographer GC. He is such an awesome, talented photographer. I've been bugging him for days to help me do a photo shoot for this blog, and he finally agree to help me, aren't he the nicest person? Than, when the day come, the stupid me wasn't prepare to do it. I did not know what I was going to wear, accessories and so on, and I run out of time to do it since I literally have only 10 mins to throw stuff in my bag and leaving for the photo shoot. So the outfits in these photo the best option I have from what I have to work with. For the location of the photo shoot, we went up to this mountain that has an awesome view. So when we get to the top of the mountain, there are freaking people setting up satellite and stuff, and i'm like WTF come on, really? of all the day these people decided to come up here on the same day. We were just really unlucky, maybe it was because I broke a mirror. Anyway, so we can't take the best photo with the best view, all thanks to them. Dear, those people, If you read my blog (which I highly doubt) I hope you feel bad because you ruin our photo shoot. Anyway, So yesterday, GC sent me and post some of my picture on FB and i'm like, " I freaking love it". It turn out a lot better than I thought. So my mood wasn't that bad after that. Quite frankly, I was really happy. So enough with this long post and lets get some pictures rolling! Here are some of the picture that I was able to obtain because GC said he'll give me the rest later on. Enjoy :)

#1My most favorite one :) Dress- Anthropology,

#2 Shirt- Urban Outfitters, Shorts- H&M


#4 Jumper- Material girls, Pump- Target, Envelope Clutch- Nine West



#7 Loving this one too.

#8 This one is GC favorite

#9 U guys probably recognize this from my blog cover :D

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