New Sally Hansen Pedicure Salon Affect

Hey guys,

I hope all of you know the brand Sally Hansen or maybe it just the states thing. Sally Hansen is one of the popular brand and is well know for their nail polish collection. They make variety of products such as waxing, tools, tanning, and so on. One of the most recent product that they come up with is the nail stick on salon affect. Those of you who can't afford to go to the salon to get their pedi and mani, this would be a good alternative to get the same affect. Pedicure Salon Affect is their newest product. When I saw it, i'm like OMG I have to try this product. So here I am writing an entry about it. You can get this from your local drug store. Here are some photo, have a nice weekend everyone :)

#1 Before the nail sticker. What I have on- Elephant optimist by Essie.

#2 This is the first two design that I decided to try

#3 I'll be using this one :)

#4 me me me

#5 getting ready, hahah notice the instruction are in Spanish, and I can't read Spanish >.<

#6 Tada..... Finish product

#7 Up close, Isn't that cool? I love it and it already lasted for a whole week. Pretty impressive I must say.

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