Tough & Chic

Hi everyone,

Today outfit is an incorporation of some of my chic, girly, stuff with a tough accessories. My learning in layering my outfit is still in process, so bear with me. I feel like my sense of styling is constantly evolving, whether for better or worst. Anyway, mother nation seems to be on her menstrual cycle or something because the weather in Virginia has change drastically, it can be raining one minute and not on the other. So this outfit is my attempt to combat this crazy weather. I would just wear the outfit alone if it stop raining, and if its start raining again, I will put on my jacket since it will be a bit cool. Nuff of my yapping, here are photo, Enjoy :)

#1 without jacket. Tank- Free People, Skirt- Forever21


#3 With jacket. Jacket- TJMaxx, Envelope Clutch- Nine West


#5 Boots- Charlotte Russe
#6 Me attempting to take a photo and try to make myself look taller :). Nothing wrong with a little bit of cheating.

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