Summer Casual Hair and Outfits

Summer is here, or should I say summer has been here, at least for where I live. Its get relatively warm and I am loving the weather. Talking about whether, there is a Tornado at where I live, and it's raining likes cats and dogs. There are some floods too, but it’s nowhere close to my complex. So what is everyone doing during this Tornado? For me this is what i'm doing during that time. Put on some makeup, get dress and pretend to be a model..... Psych. I decide to do this even before the freaking tornado come and I was not gonna let that crazy tornado ruin my master plane. So i proceed with the plane, and these are some pictures taken both from before and during the tornado. This post is dedicate to my casual outfits ideas. Due to the unavailability of my clothes, I have to make use of what I got. Maybe some of you do not know what I mean by this, Ah hem, let me enlighten you! So I move back from college to my current place which I reside with my aunt and uncle. I came back to stay with them because I have a job here and it is a pain in a butt to find a new job in my opinion. So I decided to come back and work here for awhile and working on my transfer process. Anyway, so since I move back from college, I could not possibly take all my clothes back with me. In fact, I only took a luggage back with me which include everything such as clothes, skincare products, and the whole nine yard. I pack light because I planning to buy more stuff while I'm here (don’t mine my shopaholic mentality). And yeah, so here are some photos of those outfits that I brought with me. It consists of one hair style, a pair of jeans shorts and different tops. Enjoy :)

#1 Preview of all of the outfits

#2 the first outfit: Shirt- H&M, Shorts- American Eagles, Sandal and hat- Urban Outfitter

#3 This outfit is perfect for for cool summer day or evening :) The picture that I put my hand up, that was taken during the tornado rain, can you believe that? Although I do not think you can see the rain.
Sweater- Macy's, Shorts- AE, Sandal- Urban Outfitter

#4 Laid back outfit perfect for a nice picnic day, I want to go to picnic so bad! the third picture on the bottom right is me trying to be a model :D
Shirt- by Target from Goodwill

#4 I love this shirt so much, the prints and the tie in the bottom. This shirt is extremely comfy. Good for a casual shopping day maybe?
Shirt and Shoes- TJMaxx

#5 Retrospect, this outfit make me feel like i am travel back in time. There is just something about this outfit:)
This is perfect for a nice sunny day dinner date.
Dress- H&M

#6  me admiring myself! Lol. Want me to make the hair tutorial anyone?

#7 View from my complex

 #8 Loving my Starbuck tea and the cup. We have an unbreakable bond!

 #9 Here is me trying to be a model and my Aunt just have to ruin it, but still i love this picture!!!

#10 Tyra Pose maybe :) some people just born to be a model. lol3
 #11 me again with my awesome hat.

 #12 Trying to pin point where i live on the map. Can anyone guess or see?

#13 Pretending to be a dead possum.

#14 That's what happen when you make me mad! so Don't.

#15 Your secret is safe with me!
 #16 Me again! I promise this is a last picture of me. Hey I just wanna be cute too.
Products forget to mention:
Fossil watch
Target earrings, Rings
Rimmel Lipstick in 08
Covergirl blush in Rock n' Rose
 Have a nice day everyone <3<3<3

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