LANEIGE Water Bank Review


Do everyone know that age is not the only factor that contribute to early sign of aging or you would say wrinkles? Overly dry skin create fine lines which will becomes wrinkles. The more fine lines you have the faster you will become wrinkly. I am not saying this to scare anyone but its better to prevent wrinkles then trying to get rid of it. That's why I am using Laneige water bank products. Laneige is a Korean skincare brand under AmorePacific. It's skin care products are for women from 20s up. This line was perfect for young lady and middle age. Laneige also has their own make up line as well. Although, I had not try their make up line yet. That's should be the next thing that I want to try. The have their Boutique scatter around the US also and mostly in the big city. Fortunately, they have one by my house. One day, on my way to Kmart, I happen to see the store and I was curious to see because I have never try Korean products. I was also on the hunt for a good night cream to invest in so I though maybe I can find something in there.

So when I went inside the store, the lady that work there was so friendly, she even scan my skin for me and check to see what product I should use and she recommended since I told her that I do not want anything too complicated.

#2 Water Bank Essence- Long lasting hydration essence that provides clear and moist skin.
I use this after I wash my face and clean it with a toner. This is a serum or a base that help make my skin retain moisture before I apply my Night cream.

#3 Water Bank Moisture Cream , this help give my face plenty of moisture for the skin. I use this as a night cream because it  help repair my skin better during night time. I used a pea size amount all over the face and neck. 

These products are the best moisture products that I used so far. Its gives all the moisture that my skin need without feeling greasy. To be honest, I can feel these products the first time I used it. The formula is really thin and light, since this is the water base products which mean less harsh chemical for the skin. Its also smell amazing. Now my skin does feel really good. It does not feel really dry like what it used to. I am almost done with the moisture cream and  I will go get another can. These products I would say is not extremely expensive but it is more expensive than what I used to use in the past. I do not remember the exact price for them, but the water bank essence cost about $34-37 and the moisture cream is about $35-40.

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