Last Target Visit and Bonus :)

Hi everyone, happy Wednesday. Does anyone has any plane for today and the upcoming weekend? 
Well, this post is going to be about my last trip to Target. I love Target so much. It is a great place to shop for everything, such as clothes, cosmetics, beauty products, and so on. I am a shopaholic, and I probably shop there twice or three times a week. I know to some people this might be a little bit extreme but what can I say, Target is in my blood, jk. My shopping trip doesn't always a big shopping trip. Sometimes I bought one or two items, and other time I bought a lot. Its all add up by the end of the month. Sometime I feel like the money that i got from working at Target all goes back to Target. And YES I work at Target :). Here are the things that I got from there from my last trip to Target which is two days ago.
#1 Makeup and Tote

#2 All the makeup

#3 The jewelries- $7.99 each

 #4 Rimmel London By Kate in the color 08- $4.89

#5 NYC Bronzing powder in 706 Hamptons Radiance- $4.79

#6 Lash Blast volume- $6.69

#7 I already used this one and I love it. It smell amazing!!!!! And excuse my nails, I just paint it, and I did such a terrible job.
Cover Girl Blush in Rock 'n Rose- $4.19

 # 8 Sonia Kashuk Limited edition brush- $ 14.99
#9 I don't have picture for it coz i'm just too lazy :P
 Essie nail polish- to buy or not to buy- $7.79

 #10 So couple days ago me and Blair went to hangout in George town and here are couple pictures from that trip.
In this one me and Blair had the same dress one but different color. Aren't we Cute :D

Blair showing off her dress. She just too Kawaii!

# 12 Here is the last photo of me trying to be a  Hawaiian babe, too bad I do not know how to hula dancing :(

Well guys, this is it. Hope you all enjoy your nice day out. We will talk later.

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