L'OREAL Magic Skin Beautifier B.B. Cream

Yesterday, I went to Burlington other place with my aunt to go shopping, and on my way back home I decided to stop by CVS to check out their cosmetics section. Can you guys guess what I found? - B.B. Cream. L'OREAL just came out with the their own B.B. Cream since B.B. cream has became such a buzz lately. I was surprise to see it because I did not know that L'OREAL has their own B.B. Cream. I did not know whether this product has been out in awhile or what but to this product is new to me since my local Target do not carry it :( 
Anyway, so when i saw the B.B. Cream, I couldn't help but try and here I am writing a post about it. I do not know how many shade they come in but at the CVS that I went to, they only have 4 shade; beige, light, medium, and deep. I pick medium because i'm not light obviously, but deep is just a bit dark for me so i pick medium.

 #1 Front View

#2 Back View

# 3 The color when it first came out

#4 Still white

#5 The color change and it adapt to my skin color, Cool isn't it? 

#6 My face, I need someone to rescue me

 #7 One layer, Bring a bit light to my face

#8 my duck, with full on makeup
#9 My happy face with the B.B. Cream come to my rescue.


  • Cheap
  • Light weight 
  • Matte
  • Light to medium coverage

So far so good, I kind of like this B.B. cream since its offer more shade rather than 2 shades like most Asian BB Cream. Its really light weight and the color change and adapt to my skin. The formula is buildable although I only use one coat or on application of this. I like this so far but I would not recommend this to those with dry skin since this kinda dry out my face a bit. Other wise, this product is great for those who trying to find the right non Asian BB cream for their skin.

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