Summer Adventure

Hi everyone, how are you guys doing? How is your summer so far? I hope the weather is not too hot for you guys, because its started to get really hot here in Virginia. Although, I would prefer hot weather than cold weather, so i'm not going to complaint. This summer I have been really busy, unlike last summer. All I did last summer is working my butt off. This summer I went out none stop whether it was a day time or a night time. All of my friends keep me occupies, thanks guys you all are AWESOME.
Here are some of the picture of what I did so far this summer.
#1 the first couple hours damage

#2 Refuel ourselves with some bubble tea, Me and my sweety at Eden Center

#3 Blair's Outfit

#4 My simple outfit

#5 Us being cute

#6 Italian Ice 

#7 Aldo sister, I got Blair the purple one for her birthday and I got me a pair too :)

#8 Me and Mr Wrinkles

#9 Awesome diner at Honey Pig

#10 Delicious shave iced for dessert at Breeze

#11  At the zoo

#12 Lost kids at the zoo

#13 My one and only Asian friend, Natchaya aka Tong

Escape Panda

#15 Cute, waiting in line to see the Panda

#16 Me, Tong, and Buba my new pet :)