Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips Limited Edition

Do you have problems with those unwanted blackheads and small little tiny hair around your nose are? No problem, there is a solution to that. Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips can help those with this problems like I  myself encounter!  Biore is famous for their face cleansing lines range from face wash to nose and face strips. For me I love Biore for their nose strips since I have so many blackheads around my nose area! This strips work like a magic and took off almost every blackhead on my nose, no lie. Recently or not so recent, they came up with a limited edition package for them. Here are some photo and description showing you guys about this product, enjoy :)

 #1 Me and the new edition of Biore: This product is retail for $9.35 in my local Target.

#2 A close up of the new package design

#3 the box interior: it contain the strips and the mirror on the cap of the box. You can use this box however you like after the you use all the strips, for me, I probably gonna use that to keep my tampon:)

#4 An overwhelmingly close up picture of my big fat tomato nose. Using this, You should wash and cleanse your face first so there would be no traces of makeup on you face. Right now in this photo, I have nothing on, no powder, concealer, nothing! I also did wash my face. Although I do cheat and leave my fake lashes on ;)

#5 An individule nose strip. New discovery: I found out that this product was made in Japan after seeing this picture :). I learn something new everyday.

#6 Direction: I'm not gonna type it out for you guys but you all are smart enough to read this!

#6 The strip shape like a mustache !

#7 Come to mama ;). Loving my head/hair accessory. If you guys were wondering on to where I got it from, I got this from Goodwill. It was only $2. Can't beat that!

#8 The waiting game begin.

#9 Option number one, wait around.

#10 Option number2: taking photo of yourself and pretending to be cute

#11 Option number 3 which is my favorite one is watching Korean Drama. I'm currently watching King 2 Heart right now. Anyone else watching this drama like me?

#12 Time is up, let pull that nasty thing out of you nose!

#13 Must endure the pain. Pain is beauty. Just kidding! It wasn't that painful, just a bit sting

#14 Look at all the stuff that got stick to that strip. Ewwwww, gross.

#15 Here is another look

# 16 Me and my clean nose :) happy happy happy!

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