Review- Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment

Hi dolls,

My hair is really damaged due to the constant dying, and using heating tool. I feel like if my hair can say some thing, I'm sure she would say " Stop hurting me Lady!" So I feel bad so I cut my hair couple months ago and got rid of what supposed to be the split ends. So now my hair is not 100% split ends free but somewhat healthier than what it used to be. I dye my hair probably about 3 or 4 times last 2 months. I wouldn't recommended doing this  unless you do not care about your precious hair. 
So since I've been so rough with my hair I decided to take about care of it. I started by using less heating tools  and always wear heat protectant if I need too. Although I feel like that is not enough, I went an extra step into restoring the moisture that my hair had lost. That is how I come across this Macadamia Natural Oil Healing Oil Treatment. Whew, that's a mouth full. I got this oil from Target and they are quite expensive to be honest. They probably about $30 if I remember it right. I try to buy it Online but I have doubt about its authenticity. So I went ahead and spend my precious money on it since I feel like it might be a good investment. I started to use it and I can feel the different right away. It make my hair way softer and silkier. I also try it on my friends' hair and they all love it and consider in buying it. 

 This is usually how much I would use. A little goes a long way.

 My hair prior to the application of the healing oil. Without flash

 Without the application with flash. My hair still has some shine to it but its not as healthy as it used to be.

Can you guys see the difference? My hair is so much shinier. I wish you guys can feel how soft my hair is. I freaking love it.
Quick result 
Very shinny hair
Softening your strand
Make your hair silkier and healthier.

Expensive- but would be a great investment. 
Not a lot of place carry it unless you want to get it online.
I would recommended for those who wishes to restore their hair healthiness. Trust me this would be a great investment. So far, I'm loving it. Here is where I got mine from- Target
Thanks for reading :) 

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