Pretty Cross

Hi dolls,

Sorry for the MIA. I'm just extremely busy for the past week and my unproductive lazy brain don't help either. I was so lazy to the point that I don't wanna do anything else but sleep when I get home from work. This week still pretty insane for me. I don't have time to do anything at all. Although I feel like, If I keep slacking, I'm not gonna get much done. So that's why i'm writing this entry. Hahah
So today outfit is consist of my old shorts that I feel like giving some love too, tee shirt, jackets, and blahblah. You can see it in the picture so i'm not gonna waist your time try to explain it right ;) I like this outfit because its so cozy and give the summer short a winter feel to it. Of course, It was cold when I wear this. That's why I'm wearing sweater tight underneath. If you want to wear shorts, skirt whether its long or short, I would recommend you to wear like a thermal or sweater tight underneath instead of regular tight. The thermal and sweater material really help in term of retain your body temperature. So go ahead and give some love to your summer and spring piece ;)

Pea coat- Tommy Girl
Sweater- Free people
Cross Shirt- Ross
Shorts & tight- Target
Shoes- Timberland
Cross earring- Amazon

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