Purple Kitty

Hi dolls,

Happy Friday! I hope you all went and did something interesting today. As for me, I went to work straight from school >.< So if you all go and do something fun next time, think of me and maybe my soul can enjoy it somehow. Also, I just wanna share something with you guys. Today, I get to eat this awesome Asian salad in the cafeteria in my college. It was so good that I went there twice and ate two full plates of salad. Too bad I don't have the picture to show you guys. The salad itself has a lot of vegetable and top off by this yummy delicious juicy steaks! I wish my school has good food all the time. Now lets move back to the main topic. So I went up to DC last week to visit couple of my old friends and family. While I was over there, I stop by the mall and do a "small" shopping trip;) I went to Forever21 and I saw a bunch of stuff that I want. As I was browsing through each sections, I come across this cute kitty dress. It was a collaboration and limited edition  of Hello Kitty and Forever21. I'm like "what? that's insane. I have to have all of these cute stuff" After trying all of the items, the inner scream " Molika, you have to get all of these!" and than the other me said " Are you insane? you don't have that much money to spare" I was so torn as one of my good friend would say. After the long dilemma, I decided to just get couple stuff and this dress for today's outfit is one of them :)
 I look like a little school girl>.<

On me:
Dress and cross rings- Forever21
Tight- Target
Shoes- Wanted
Watch- Betsy Johnson

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