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Who is excited for tomorrow? I can't believe another week is already pass by. I feel like i'm getting older day by day. I was so stress out today because I have to get my study abroad application ready and good to go by tomorrow. I was freaking out and try to write and put together mini essays that I was suppose to write about. Well, that is over now because I just click submit :) Have I ever mention about this study about think at all? If not, I will share with you guys this top secret, confidential information. Just Kidding. Well I'm applying to go to Tokyo, Japan for a semester. That was my initial plan but than there were some problems arising. Long story short, I am applying to go to Japan but its not gonna be in Tokyo. Its gonna be in Sapporro. Now you guys know where I wanted to go. I will keep you posted about the status. 
Anyway, this outfit is what I wore when I went to the dinner with an Palestinian activist. She was a guest speaker that my college invited to talk about the ware in Israel. I'm not gonna go into detail about what is going on in the middle east since I'm not try to bored you guys with politics. You all can Google it :) So for this event, I went for the sleek look. I wear this color block dress that has a nice chic shape to it. This dress itself will slim you down and make you appear curvier. I just wear my black pumps with it. Here are some shots after the dinner :) 

 Strip search ? lol

 I got the February issue of ELLE magazine and this is what I found in there. Look almost exactly like my dress.
The cover of Elle magazine
On me:
Dress- Express
Shoes- Target
On Blair:
Dress- Target
Shoes- TJMaxx
Thanks for reading guys :)

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