Orange Star

Hi lovelies,

Let me start off this blog by sharing some important news with you guys. Tomorrow, I will be going to go and take my citizenship test in DC. Wooo hooo, watch out people, I'm on my way to become a US citizen ;)  Wish me luck guys. Hopefully I pass it. Once I pass the test I will try to work on Passport, since I will go to Cambodia this summer! I'm so excited for everything. Well, how was that for my opening statement? 
Anyway, today's outfit, I wear this sheer top with small stars all over it. I pair it with this bright legging that I bought for 1$ at Ross. You can't beat that! I keep everything else simple since the legging is bright already. I throw on this scarf to keep me warm. 

On me:
Top- Express
Legging- Ross
Boots- Stevemadden
Scarf- Kohl's 
Thanks for reading <3

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