Free and Easy

Hi guys,

So remember what I said yesterday about me going to go and take my citizenship test? I just got back, and guess what? I pass it!!!! woot woot, I am a US citizen now, well maybe not. I forgot I still have to go and take an oath and than I will be an official citizen :D So that's a good new :)
Back to the outfit of the day, for this outfit I just throw on this top that easy to slip on and out of. This top somehow remind me of a top from Free People, even though its not from free people. I pair it with a nice pair of jeans that I got awhile back from Forever21. Let's me say this again, this jeans are one of the jeans that fit me perfectly. I love it. 

The mirror is nasty >.<

On me:
Top- Target
Jeans- Forever21
Shoes- Target

Thanks for reading guys :)

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