The Asian in me

Hi guys,

How are you guys doing today? I had a presentation today, and thank god I did it! I can't believe that I went to the same class for 3 hours a day and 5 days a week for three week straight. Wonder how i don't just pass out or fall asleep in class. Although, my professor is really nice and she always has food for us. Maybe this is her way of keeping us awake. Anyway, back to the topic. Today, it was rather cold but somehow I feel like wearing a skirt. So I pick out this long maxi skirt and pair it with this crop sweater. To keep me warm, I wore tights under my skirt. I recommend to those who wanna wear long skirt in the winter time, wear tight underneath. I make such a big different.  I feel so Asian when I wear this outfit, don't ask me why because I do not know. Not like all Asian wear this type or clothes or anything.

On Me:
Skirt- TJMaxx
Sweater- Macy's
Scarf- Kohl's
Jacket- Rugged Wearhouse
Shoes- TUK

On Blair:
Shirt- Target
Short- TJMaxx
Shoes- Blowfish
Thanks for reading :) 

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