Oxford Cool

Hi lovelies,

How are you guys doing? Are you guys excited since today is Friday? I am looking forward for tonight because I will watch scary movie with Blair when I get back home from work tonight. Me and my girls are planning to go on a shopping spree tomorrow. I heard that Rugged Wearhouse has a huge sales so I recommend you guys should go check that out. I know I am. So that's is my up-to-date statues. Today outfit is consist of this beautiful brick orange color dress and a pair of nice oxford. It kinda reminded me of what the British people might dress like. Although, i'm sure they do not dress like that, maybe some do :D What I love about this dress is that it has this beautiful cape attach to it. It just too unique for me to pass it up. So I bought it away back. Not sure if they still have it. Here are some shots.

Today's makeup :)
On me:
Dress- ASOS
Shoes- Wanted
Jacket- Forever21
On Blair:
Dress- Loehmans'
Tight- Nicole Miller
Boots- Docs


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