Last minute bragging

Hey guys,

This entry will be mainly about what I got for the past Christmas. To some of you guys, this might be seem like i'm trying to brag about what I got. If you do not want to hear me "brag", you guys can skip this entry :) I won't mine. I know I promise that I will update my blog about the present that I got, but I was just too busy. I couldn't upload any of the pictures either because I left the adapters at my boyfriends house >.< So here I am writing this entry a little bit late, and I am sorry for that. This Christmas I did not get much compare to last Christmas, but I was so happy with what I got. I got many things that I asked for, so I was pretty satisfy.
#1 My first pair of creeper, Finally :) The sad thing is they do not fit because I order the wrong size :(

#2 Try to style my too big creeper. Look at Bhody sleeping in the background :)

#3 Car seat cover. Now Cami will be Hello Kitty all over. BTW, Cami is my Jeep Patriot.

#4 My awesome new coat hanger :) I love this one so much because it has different level and hooks to hang stuff. I alreay hang some of my hats up there :D

#5 My mary jane creeper  by TUK. This one actually fits me. You guys probably can tell since its a bit dirty already ;)

#6 Journey's gift card

#7 My new perfume- Angel by Thierry Mugler

# 8 Love the bottle, it is like a cosmic :) Thanks to Blair for this awesome perfume.

All of these presents were from Justin's family except the perfume.
Thanks for reading guys <3

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