Christmas Gathering

Hey guys,

How was your Christmas? Did you guys got a lot of presents? Especially the one that you ask for? I know I got all mine. I'm not gonna brag about it in this post because I want to save it for later. I thought this Christmas gonna be like as year, warm and no snow :( As all my hope was gone, I saw drops of delegate white snow outside my window. I was jumping from joys since we will have a white Christmas. I'm typically not a big fan of snow, partially because its always has to be so cold to have snow and I despite the cold weather. So this Christmas, Its a typical celebration for me. Me and Justin both got two days off from work to celebrate Christmas with his family. We all gathering in the cabin on the top of a mountain to just hang time and spend quality time together. I can't tell you guys of how much fun we had. We ate a lot of food and play a lot of family games on Christmas Eve. On Christmas day, We were opening present. The two youngest people in the house which is me and Justin youngest sister, were waiting impatiently for all the family members to get ready to open the presents. I was so excited to the point that I wasn't gonna go anything else (which mean brush my teeth or wash my face), but just sat there with Heather. After the long wait we all finally got together and open the presents. Afterward, we went to his aunt and uncle house for lunch/dinner. Here are some photo of my makeup and the outfit that I wore that day :)

#1- White Christmas at the cabin

#2 When can we open this >.<

#3 Makeup for the dinner :)



#6 Without fash


# 8

#9 My and Justin


Thanks for reading. See you guys in the next post :)

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