Pattern Tights

So I got this pattern tights that I bought awhile back from Macys and recently, I just decided to figure out how I should style my tights with the limited clothes that I brought with me to my aunt and uncle's house. Here are some outfits that I put together :)

#1 First outfit- Dress from Goodwill, Shoes from Bakers

#2 Better shot of first outfit

#3 Its me. I was trying to use the comic book filter.

#4 Outfit number 2- Dress from Burlington

#5 Outfit number 3 which is my favorite one :)

#6 Shirt from Ross, Skirt from Forever21

#7 Outfit number 4. Shorts from Target, Sandal from Ross

#8 Outfit number 5. Pink tight from Macys, Shirt and Boots from Goodwill.

#9 Loving my new earring from Burlington :)

#10 Outfit number 6. Shorts from Abercrombie, Sweater and boots from Burlington.

#10 Until next entry everyone >.<
Here is a video if you guys wanna see it with some motion :)

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