Hair Makeover

If you guys follow me on Twitter, You probably know that I just recently got a new hair cut :). yeah, finally chop off some of my unhealthy length. So I went to get my hair cut last week at this new place that open at my local somewhat huge mall. The hair cut place call PRatPartner. I do not know how long exactly since that place open since I was away for school. So i just decided to hop in and test out the place, who knows maybe i'll end up like the place and make it my permanent hair salon. They have so many branches around my area so I think that this give me enough credential and courage to try out the place. So I decided to have a wispy bang ( if that what you call it) not a full bang. I also want to chop off my hair to the mid length but the hairdresser said that the longer length looks better with bangs. That being said, Mimi ( my hairdresser) chopped off 3 to 4 inches of my unhealthy and split ends. She also thinning my hair out a bit and give me beautiful bangs. I bet you guys wanna see the photo instead of the description, so here are some photos. Enjoy :)

#1 While i was shopping in Charlotte russe. One last look at my boring hair.

 #2 Was talking to Mimi, taking by the amazing photographer Blair :)

 #3 Tada, here comes the new me :)

 #4 another look at my new hair cut ( inside forever21 dressing room )

#5 one last picture before I say good bye to my camera.

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