Althea A-Bloom Collection

New products from Althea that I am testing out.

I am back with another Althea collection. In case you guys are not familiar, Althea is my go to place for all things K beauty. They carry so many brands of skincare, makeup, and beauty tools such as Laneige, Etude House, Son & Park, Neogen, etc. On the top of many amazing well know brands, they also develop their own products and you guys probably seen a few of their in house products in my past review. 

This time Althea comes out with new sheet masks, blending sponges, and a  BHA black head Blaster. They were kind enough to send me everything so that I can try them out and review them for you.

First, we have the beauty sponges. This comes in two size, the bigger one and the smaller one. The small one retails for $3 for all three and $2 for the one big one. The smaller one is for hard to reach areas. This is ideal for concealer application under your eyes, around your nose, and for cream contour. The bigger one is great for foundation, blushes, and highlight. You can use this both wet or dry. The label claim that if you want a more matte finish use this dry, and more dewy finish use it wet.

Since it is practically summer time and my face usually turn into a big grease bowl, I opt in to use it dry first. The sponge itself is soft but more compact/dense compare to the original beauty blender. Since it is more dense, it is a bit harder for me to move or blend my foundation with a dry dense sponge. It also absorb a lot of my products so I had to use more products than usual. After realizing that I don't care much for this as a dry sponge, I decided to wet the sponge and it works to much better. It blends out my foundation much easier and definitely absorb less products. So overall I preferred using these sponges wet and I get better application that way.

As for the sheet masks, they come in Peach for anti blemish, Watermelon for moisturizing, Avocado for nourishing, and Lemon lime for brightening.  They are only .50 each which is so amazing considering most affordable Korean sheet mask rank from somewhere between 2-8.  If you followed me on Instagram, you know that I went to Cambodia for two weeks to visit my family. I actually took the watermelon mask on the plan with me because I know my skin would be super dry and in need of hydration in between my flights. I love how nice this smell and my skin felt like it drinks gallons of water. I will try the other masks to see if it actually do the job.

The one product that I have yet to try is the BHA Blackhead Blaster. I am trying so many new skincare right now and really don't want to throw this in the mix that way I can you guys a better review. I will come back to this post and edit this section once I get a try it out. For now I am so happy with everything I had tried so far. You can find all of these products at Althea.


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