Althea, Your Destination for all things Korean!

In case you don't already know this, I am a K-Beauty Junkie! I love their skincare and makeup line. They are so technological advance when it comes down to skincare. Since I am such a big avid for K-Beauty, I am always on the look out for places to get authentic K-beauty with affordable prices. I have a friend who is a beauty vlogger and she posted a video about Althea haul, and that's what prompt me to give their site a click. Althea is a Korean based company that carry all the Korean goodies at discounted rate.They carried Son & Park, Skinfood, Innesfree, Laneige, just to name a few. When I found out that they were looking for a US base blogger to do an unboxing video, I jump on the opportunity and contacted them! So here I am doing my first unboxing video! Check out the video for more details! If you want me to do any in depth review on these products please let me know!

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