At Home Teeth Whitening For Coffee Addict

Calling all the coffee drinkers, this post is the one that you don't want to miss! We all love drinking coffee, but what we don't know is that coffee can stain your teeth even if you drink them using straws. If you know me, than you know how inseparable i am with my Starbucks french vanilla ice coffee. Drinking that everyday took a toll on my teeth. I, for the longest time, thought my teeth were white and there is nothing wrong with it until recently. I saw a commercial about teeth whitening products and how they talk about the tissue test and I decided to give it a go. What I found out was not what I expected! My teeth did not pass the tissue test. My teeth may appear white to you guys, but trust me they are not! if you look closely especially around the gum area, you will know how yellow my teeth are. I think it is a really common mistake that people make when it come to teeth. They often overlook the yellow gum and only focus on the front part of their teeth. Be warn there are going to be a lot of teeth picture in action!

When it comes down to teeth whitening, I preferred to do it at home with any at home whitening strips. Going to my regular dentist is such a hassle and not to mention how expensive it is! I was running low on the whitening stripes when Smile Brilliant contacted me and wanted to send me some of their products to try out. I could not say no to that and so thank you for sending me this kit Smile Brilliant! Prior to using this kit, I did a bit of research about this brand and found out that they are vegan and cruelty free which is awesome in my opinion. I also did some research and read reviews from others that have used this product before.

First let's start with what's come in the kit it self. The kit came with 4 whitening syringes, 4 desensitizing syringes, two teeth tray, 3 impression catalyst paste, 3 impression base, instructions and mailing envelop. I won't bore you with all the steps, but I essentially use the catalyst paste and the impression base to make my impression and send the impression to them, They will than make you a clear impression/tray and send it back to me. I can than use that impression/tray with my teeth whitening and desensitizing syringes. Word of advice, be sure to read the instruction property before try to make the impression. If not, you will mess up, and trust me I speak from experience. I'm assuming that happened a lot because they did gave me a back up of those pastes and impression base.

Just like any at home whitening products, these products will make your teeth a bit sensitive while using it at first. The sensitivity is depend on the user and worn off after using it multiple times. When using this product I recommend by starting off at 45 mins and work your way up. You can leave it on for up to 3 hours but I've never done that. The longest that I can have the mouth piece in my mouth is 1.5 hrs.   

So Instead of writing a full on review, I decided to approach this a little bit differently. I decided to keep a running journal on days that I used the stripes and record everything. 

Day 1: Using the whitening gel for 45 minuets and not notice any sensitivity. Possible because my kit is the level two. Notice significant white spots over my stain teeth roots. I am pleasantly surprise to see this. the next day, I noticed that my teeth were little bit sensitive. No major discomfort.

Day 2: Try to use it but my teeth was still too sensitive.

Day 3: A little bit sensitive and discomfort on my teeth and gum. Leave for 1 hour. Saw tiny improvement in my teeth color.

Day 4: Skipped due to sensitivity

Day 5: Using the whitening gel for 1.5 hrs and desensitize gel for 20 minutes. Experience light sensitivity but nothing major. More white spots appear but could not capture with pictures.

Day 6: Skipped

Day 7: Using it for 1.5 and did not experience any sensitivity.

Day 8: Skipped

Day 9: Same experience as Day 7.

I will continue using this kit and will report back the final result after using all the products!

As for my final thought, I think this is a good affordable at home whitening kit. It very easy to use if you follow the instruction. You can use this system and doing chores at the same time. I am writing this post and whitening my kit right now as I type. You get a lot of products for the price you pay. Each syringe can be use up to 4-5 times depending on how much gel you use. The only thing that I do have to say is that I don't like that it's a two step process and it takes more time each use. I have to use the whitening gel and than follow by the desensitized gel. If you find yourself doing other things while using this product than you'll  have no problems with the processing time.

We all now that mother's day  is approaching and I think this will be a great product to get for Mother's Day. You can always get this for your self too! Right now, they're doing a promo for Mother's Day so you better act fast!

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Visit their page to find out more! Here is my tray if you are interested in it!

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  1. Girl this is awesome. Thanks for the helpful tips!

  2. This looks so good! I desperately need to figure out a whitening regime for my chompers. They are mellow yellow :o(
    Abby @clothesandpizza

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  6. This makes me want to get back into whitening but my teeth are so sensitive now. Do you use anything between whitening to help with your sensitivity ?

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