Victoria Beckham Target Collaboration

This set is a must have for this spring/summer!

Target rarely fail to surprised me with their collaboration and this season is no exception. I was so stoked when I hear that Victoria Beckham is the new collaboration. I was a big fan of her back in the day when she was in Spice Girls. She always has a great sense of style and a unique version of the fashion industry. When I saw the first look book, I can't help but getting so excited but afraid at the same time. I'm scared that I would want to buy everything and go broke. Above are some of my favorite looks. I heard that some people had complain about this collaboration, but I don't understand whey would they. When I saw this collection I can't help but thinking that this collection resembling some of my favorite Kate Spade pieces. Although, this collection is unique enough to make itself stand out. To me, this collection is very cohesive.

I can't help but thinking whether or not this collection will hit the mark the same way as the Lilly Pulitzer Collection. Part of me want to sleep in on Sunday and go shopping later on but part of me don't want to take the chance of all the pieces being sold out. Rather than beating the crowd, I think I will do most of the shopping from this collection online, if it's available. Click on this affiliate link if you are shopping online! I can't wait to see what you guys pick out!

Check out the Victoria Beckham Lookbook now! Launches online and in-store April 9th

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  1. I totally hit up Target the day after this collection launched because VB is amaze. It was like a hurricane had hit the clothing section. Idk how it happened but I was able to find that cute little Wednesday Addams looking dress in my size and I AM OBSESSED with it. :)