Bauble Bar Gems

What is your one stop shop for all things jewelries? Mine would be Bauble Bar. They have so many jewelries, so many styles, and finishes to pick from. I love there pieces because they are so high quality and the price is not too bad. They have a lot of trendy pieces to choose from. They had a sale going on a while back and I was able to pick up of these items. I got two chokers (one black, one pink), a dragon pendant, a dragon choker, and a bonus bauble that i got for free. I love every piece i got except the black choker. It did not fit me right and I don't really care for the material it made from, so I sent it back. I especially love the dragon pieces that I got because those were from the Olivia Palermo guest bartender collection. I can not wait to style these piece in my next outfit! Which one is your favorite piece?

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