House of Lashes

      Guess what I got? House of Lashes goodies of course! This is my first time order from them. I was a little bit skeptic since I never try them before. I'm pretty cheap when it comes down to lashes and have only use "drug store" falsies. Although, I did not do this blindly. I ask a few of my makeupgeek friends and they all seem to like it so I was just like, why not give it a try. I waited a few weeks before I place my first order hopping they would have some good sale. Someone must have been listening to my prayer because last week, they had a promo going on. They offered 20% off the whole order plus extra goodies if you spend more than $75. So I took the opportunity and order me quite a few since they don't always run promo regularly. I ended up grabbing 10 pairs of the falsies, a set of individual lash, and lash glue. As for the Lash Story Pro, I received that as my free gift. 

      So my thoughts on these lashes are pretty positive so far. They look nice, fluttery, and high quality. And let's just take a minute to appreciate the super adorable packaging. These lashes were made from 100% cruelty- free synthetic hair, which is a plus. I am so excited to try these out and report back to you guys. Let me know if you ever use this brand before and what are your thoughts on this. Get yours here! Also don't forget to signup for their Email list to get 10% your first order!


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