Anastasia Beverly Hills Review

Hey, ladies! 

How many of you out there fill in their grow or define/shape their brow everyday? I am (guilty as charged). This entry is about one of the product (more like three products) that I've been using. Some of you guys might recognize the products, it's Anastasia Beverly Hills. I'm not gonna go in depth about the history of the products, you guys can google it yourself. Three of the products are the brow palette in the color Brunette, dipbrow pomade in the color Chocolate, and brow pencil in brunette. 

Here is my face without my define brow 😪😪

I know what you thinking, thank god for make up!!! The first item that I will be using is the brow pencil.

This brow pencil is great for those who just started their journey in filling there brow. It's a double sided tool, one side with the pencil one with brush. It give you easy control on what you're doing. One good thing about this is if you don't like the shape or you mess up something, it's easy to come off and you can blend it away using the brush that was attached on the other side.

On the other side I'll will be using the Dipbrow Pomade.
If I have to describe this it's really like gel liner but for your brow. 

For this one, you're kinda have to be a pro, or semi decent on how to fill in your brow. It's harder to fix your mistake with the pomade. I normally have to use the makeup wipe if I make silly mistake. This is perfect for those who want prominent brow the one that go "look at me brow" this is a product for you!  Here is the finish look. 

 My brow is super define now! 
Here is both of them side by side 

One side look natural while the othe looks really glam. If you're going after the natural look, or just a beginner in this, the pencil is your best friend. If you want very glam diva brow, pick the pomade girl friends!!! 

Go and explore the world!!!!! 😘😘😘 
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