Hi guys,

This is going to be my first entry since I get here to Japan. After putting it off of the longest time, I finally decided to try to at least write something about it.
I got to Sapporo on September 10, 2013. I got so jet legged for the whole week so that's explained why I have not write anything or in the mood to do so. After that I just got too busy with school and try to fit everything in my schedule. So I got to Sapporo at 10pm. Everyone was so tired to do anything, so we went to bed. If my memory serve me right, I think we had our first orientation the next day. After that we were walking around the area and try to explore it a little, although i'm surprised we did not get lost. I do not know any Japanese, so you might here me rumbling on and on about my troubles with my next post. Here are some photos. I'll see you in my next post. :D
 Pre-departure picture.

Flight comfy outfit :)

Our first snack in Tokyo 

Awesome Sushi bar

I Just wanna eat all of them:)

Thanks for reading <3

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