Where Have I Been?

Hi guys,

Sorry for the very long MIA. The last time that I remember writing this blog was Easter. Wow, It's been that long. Well, now its summer time and I'm out of school for the next couple months. What is there better for me to do than to give some love to this blog. Oh I miss blogging so much, but I was just too preoccupied with my school work and getting paper work ready to go to Japan for a semester as I mention earlier this year. Well let me give you a little update about my life for the past couple months or so through these awesome beautiful pictures :D

 Enjoyed my ice coffee during my birthday dinner with lovely people

On our way to Macklemore's Concert

He is so amazing live!!!!

Radio segment with my friend

Meet all of these lovely people, i'm so bless!!!! Our first after doing the Just dance 4 for almost 2 hours

Relay! Do it for a good cause.

Went to the carnival with Justin and my girls.

They came and visit me at work

Our last day of school/ packing and get ready to leave the campus.

Our last hangout with my foreign exchange friends, We are slurping our bubble tea :)

On our way to Georgetown to celebrate Caroline's Birthday

Kayaking with Justin's family

Shopping :D

Closet cleanup. Who ready to come and join me for the yard sale?

Goofing off at work.

Finally, I'm sipping this delicious homemade smoothie and writing this blog :)
Thanks for reading this blog guys. I also want to say thanks to all the amazing people that came to my life. You all rock my world !!!!!

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