New Backpack :)

Hey gals,

So I got this cute backpack way bag and I decided to make an entry about it since I love the backpack so much. I got this backpack from Target. Of course, almost everything that I  own are from Target. What can I say, I'm addicted to that place. Anyway, I was kinda torn between two backpack. I do not know which one to pick since I love them both. 

Either This?

Or This?................ 

And I decided to go with the first choice. Very sad to let the purple one go but very satisfy with my choice :D

The happy me  with the new backpack :)

one draw back from this particular satchel is that its not that big, so it wont fit all my books in there. I only carry is when I have less class. 
Here is the website to this beautiful back pack : Multicolor Floweral Watercolor 
Thanks for reading ;) 

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