Prabal Gurung for Target

Hi guys,

So remember what I told you guys last time about how i'm gonna try to go to Target and grab some of the newly launch Prabal Gurung collection in Target? Well guess what, the items that I want to grab do not have my size :( people already grab all of it >.< I'm so sad, now i'm gonna have to go and buy mine online or something. 
So for those who don't know who Prabal Gurung is? Go Google it or something, coz i'm not gonna give bored you guys if his whole background. Well, if you insist, than I must say something. He is what they would call a new imerging designer. He is pretty well know in the fashion industry. I think he also design Michelle Obama inauguration dress as well, don't quote me on that though. He is also a designer for Neiman Marcus as well. So there you go, if you guys still wanna know more about him, i'm sure there are Wiki out there you can check. Anyway here are some items that I would want to have my hands on. I might add more to this later on :) 

Here is the link to those piece :) 
Thanks for reading <3

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