New Year, New Hair

Hi guys,

I still can not believe its 2013 already. We finally made it. I wonder what is you guys' New Year Resolution?  For mine, its quit simple " a new hair cut". I kinda cheat because this is not really a valid new year resolution. Anyway, I finally got a hair cut :D I decided to chop off all of my unhealthy, fried, locks due to the chemical and heat. It feel so much better, and my head feel so much lighter now. Its feel so light as if I lost 10 pounds. I wish! So this lady at the salon look at my hair pile and she went " I can't believe she cut all of that hair, its look like a dog hair." I'm not so sure how to react to that comment. Don't know if that count as a compliment or what. Anyway, here are some shots of my hair before and after.
 #1 Self shot of my long locks


#3 Saying good bye to this baby >.<

#4 Tada.... The new and improve me ;P

#5 My bangs kinda abit lop sided, just need to part it better.


#7 closing up with my ootd feeling tight
Thanks for reading guys :)

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