Laneige Water Sleeping Pack Review

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What are you guys doing right now? As at this moment, I am watching Miss Universe and writing this blog post. Talking about multi-tasking. All of the ladies are beautiful, too bad Cambodia did not sent any candidate to this. Only If I were to be tall enough, Haha just kidding. I'm not even try to dream about it. Honestly, I believe that Cambodia have beautiful women too. I guess they do not want to involve in something like this. Am I getting off topic for too long? Ok, lets get back to the subject.

Today post is going to be about Laneige Water Sleeping Pack. I wanna just do a quick review about this product. To give you guys a brief back ground, I discover this brand not too long ago. The first two items that I purchase from this brand is the moisture cream and the water essence. Now here i am using almost everything from this brand. Honestly, I love this brand so much because it really natural, and light. I do not have any harsh chemical, since it was pretty much made from water. Its really light and leathery on the skin. This line that I am using is good for the younger women from 20s to 30s. This doesn't mean that you can not use it or give you any benefits if you are younger or older than that age, but as for older women you might go for the anti-aging line. Although, many wrinkles are the result from the skin loosing too much moisture.

This product in particular, is specifically design to give you the moisture that the skin needs. It is like a deep moisture therapy for the skin due to the lack of sleep. For those night owl, this product should be your best friend because your skin might loose moisture at night time and with less sleep you skin will become dull. This product will help rejuvenate your skin and make it feels night and soft. Here are some illustration :)

#1 Me with nothing on my face.

#2 Laneige water sleeping pack and the rug with all Bhody's hair

#3 Another shot without Bhody's hair :D

#4 That's what the product look like in the jar.

#5 Very light consistency indeed.

#6 As you can see,  the right size that look more shinny has the sleeping pack on. It is a bit shinny since it has not been fully absorbs. This is what it looks like with the camera flash.

#7 This is what it look likes without the flash.

# 8 When it fully absorbs. Honestly, this product had improve my skin condition. It help brightening up my complexion and help reduce the appearance of the skin discoloration. I would recommend this product to those who do not get enough sleep and looking for a way to improve their skin condition and it also help fight wrinkles since it give your skin the moisture it needs. You can buy this product at Amor Boutique or online.
Below is a brief video review about it. 

Thanks for reading guys. Have a good night/morning :)

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