Bring Them Out

Hi guys,

How was your day? I hope you all have a good day. I'm so tired today, but yet here I am sitting down writing this entry, or more like laying down writing this. This entry probably the one that take me the most time to post and get it up. I was having a hard time upload my pictures because the freaking Picasa keep saying that i have reach my free space limit. It was so frustrated because I couldn't find the solution to it. Finally, I was able to go to my account and eliminated some unwanted pictures and resize some of them. Thank god, thats finally resolve. Anyway, enough about that. So I have this skirt that I never get to wear and finally I worn it yesterday since it wasn't too cold or anything. I am recently into skirts and dresses this winter. I love wearing them with tights and layers them. It was so much fun. My mission this winter is to wear all of dress at least one and incorporate with my outfits. Lets see how that work. Also, I manage to take some pictures of my lovely girl with her cute and adorable street smart outfit. It was so quirky, and I just think that it matches with her new hair cut. Here are some of our picture :)


#2 Skirt- Jessica Simpson's Collection, Shirt- Forever21

#3 Shoes- Target


#5 I look liked a giant in this post.

#6 Like it even though its blurry.

#7 Me again :)

#8 Beautiful Aseel, Sweater and Pea Coat- Forever21

#9 Shoes- Goodwill

#10 Jeans- Target
#11 Beautiful Aseel. Aren't she pretty? I love her.

Thanks For Reading :D

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