Day 2 and 3

So this post going to be a combination outfit of my day 2 and 3 of my back to school week. I meant to do it daily, but I fail to do so. Beside my day 2 and 3 outfits is just so casual even a 3 years old kid can put together. I'm going to tell you guys about my school situation even if you guys did not ask me. I'm gonna tell you any way. I have to tell you this, "It sucks!" I already had so much to do for my first week. Some of you might wonder than, how the heck in the world she would find time to write her blog? I just doing this because I wanna take a break from my tight schedule between school and work. This is my first year trying to juggle between college work load and my 30+ hours of works. Lets hope for the best. Nuff said, here are my outfits and some random pictures to entertain you guys :)

#1 You guys probably recognize this outfit already. I wear it very often especially the T-shirt.
Tshirt- Forever21, Shorts- Target, Watch- Marc Jacob, Choker and sandal- Urbanoutfitter.

#2 another shot. Do u guys see my awesome cheetah shirt?

#3 Dinner time!!! I feel like we were in Korean Drama or something.

#4 Day 3 outfit. Again another Casual outfit. Shirt-Anthropology, Shorts- Hollister, Sandal- American Eagles Outfitter.

#5 I think Blair should be a model. Tank- H&M, Jeans-Cello, Loehmann's, Sandal- Aldo

#6 Close up. I love this tank so much!

#7 Aldo Sandal

#8 Its me :)

#9 Bracelet- BCBG

#10 Close up shot of my sandal.

#11 Us enjoying the nice weather outside.

#12 We are the pretender!

#13 sleeping time:)

Bye everyone, Thanks for reading and have a great weekend!

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