July Diary

I can't believe that it is already August. Time sure does fly by sometime. I had so much fun the past July, so fun that I can't even begin to describe. All of my friends are awesome and they keep me pretty occupied. Surprisingly, I get to hang out with Blair a lot more than I anticipated. This summer is got to be the best summer ever. Here are some pictures  that i manage to take. To be honest, I do not even get to take that many pictures since I was so occupied with stuff.

#1 Blair Just got her hair done! Beautiful isn't it?

#2 Me and my awesome cheetah shirt.

#3 Our awesome Bingsoo at Breeze


#5 No I don't wanna share it with anyone!

#6 A new member of my perfume collection.

#7 My brother got back from the the Navy and look what he got me?

#8 Like my new shade?

#9 So me and Blair went to old town to just walk around and shop and eat. The usual stuff of course. This is Blair inside the Anthropology's fitting room:)

#10 Yes, we try stuff on and take random pictures like we own it.

#11 Thug....

#12 my aegyo (don't know if i spell it right) face.

#13 Loving that dress on her.

#14 Disco pant.

#15 love this dress, and I bought it!

#16 So after we browse around for awhile and done some damage, we need to find place to refuel.

#17 and so we landed in this newly open Thai restaurant, which is awesome btw. I was having Thai ice coffee while Blair had Thai tea.

#18 Look at her awesome food, don't remember what she and i ordered, but i know it tasted amazing!

#19 than we walk down to the harbor and relax.

#20 Welcome to Arabella! What can i say, we're loaded! NOT.

#21 Finished off with our duck face inside one of the small boutique.

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