OOTD & NOTD Mother Day

How is everyone doing? How was everyone Mother's day? I hope your mother's day was awesome because mine was fantastic. To start off, my family do not celebrate mother's day at all, because we believe that everyday is mother and father's day to US. We love and respect each other all the time. There is no specific time for us kids to show our gratitude toward our parents.  So since we do not celebrate this day, I decided to celebrate Mother's day with Justin's family. We had an awesome time together. We went to this exquisite brunch at this giant hotel which i do not recall the name, but it looked like a huge castle. After the brunch, we went on the wine tasting trip along the river. The view was beautiful, too bad I did not get to take any picture because i left my camera at home :( so much for that. Although, I manage to take couple picture before I left home ( lucky me :D). So the pictures below is my outfit and my nail for that day. The cute puppy is Justin's sister's puppy and her name is Zoey. She is so lovely. In case you guys are wondering on where is Bhody, I think he was too busy playing with Justin. Have a great Saturday everyone!

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